Six Common White Water Rafting Mistakes Beginners Make

1 November 2021
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White water rafting is great fun. It's also an adventurous way to explore nature. However, beginners need to take it easy and avoid some common mistakes to ensure that they'll enjoy their white water rafting experience.

The following tips are six common white water rafting mistakes beginners make. 

Neglecting to pay close attention to everything the guide says

Probably the most important thing you need to do when you're new to white water rafting is to listen to everything your guide says. Your guide will give you important instructions regarding safety precautions and the route you will be taking on your white water rafting trip.

There may be many distractions while you are white water rafting. However, it's essential that you focus on everything your guide says to avoid mishaps during your first white water rafting adventures. 

Not wearing the right clothing

It's important to dress appropriately for white water rafting. You may be uncomfortable and you probably won't enjoy the white water rafting experience as much if you're not appropriately dressed. 

You should be aware of what's on the weather forecast on the day of your white water rafting trip. Ideally, you should have a swimsuit on under your clothing, as well as shirts and shorts that dry quickly, in case you get wet. 

You should avoid wearing cotton clothing during your white water rafting trip because cotton clothing feels cold against the skin when it's wet. 

Being unaware of how to handle a fall into the water

While you obviously want to avoid falling in the water during your white water rafting trip, it is always a possibility. Make sure you know how to handle falling into the water.

If you fall out of the raft, you should swim to your raft if possible and hold on to the safety line that goes around the perimeter of the raft. The other members in your raft should let your guide know that you've fallen out so that you can get helped back into the raft before the trip continues.

The most important things to remember are that you need to have your life jacket on and you must not panic if you fall in. 

Failing to hold the paddle correctly

There is a particular way that you should hold whitewater rafting paddles. You should hold the paddle at the top by the T-grip in order to prevent the paddle from slipping from your hand. Your guide should show you exactly how to hold the paddle at the T-grip before your trip begins. 

Going in white water that's too intense for a beginner skill level

Be reasonable when you're first starting out, and don't try to white water raft in rapids that are too challenging. Do your research and find out the difficulty level of the particular rapids where you'll be rafting to make sure that it's appropriate for beginners. 

Forgetting to pack some water

Staying hydrated while white water rafting is essential for comfort and safety. Make sure you pack water or verify that water will be packed for the entire group by your guide. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for white water rafting services near you.