Selecting The Best 223 Ammo For Your Rifle And Situation

29 December 2022
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Ammunition for any rifle or handgun can significantly impact how the firearm performs, the accuracy of the gun, and the effectiveness of the firearm on specific targets. The caliber of the ammunition is essential, and 223 ammo is manufactured to specific guidelines that allow its use in many different firearms.

223 Ammo 

The 223 Remington cartridge was originally developed in 1957 for use in Armalite's AR-15 rifle system and the US government. While the rifle is well known today, the platform was originally the base for the US military's M14 rifle. Today, the AR-15 rifle chambered in 223 Remington ammo is popular and flexible enough to be used for hunting, target shooting, and home protection and has paved the way for many other rifles chambered in the same round. 

223 ammo has not changed much and is an effective round that works well to hunt small game at a distance because it flies very flat and has an excellent effective range for small targets. The type of 233 ammo selected for your rifle or handgun can affect the performance, but many manufacturers produce variations of 223 Remington ammunition for use in varying situations.

The 223 Remington cartridge is nearly identical to the 5.56x45mm used by NATO (North American treaty organization), but the 5.56 develops more pressure in the cartridge, so it can not be used in place of the 223 ammo in most firearms. 

Hunting Ammo

223 ammo is considered small caliber, high-velocity ammunition, and the speed at which the bullet travels makes the trajectory very flat and more accurate than slower rounds. Bullet penetration can sometimes be an issue for hunters because it is traveling so fast that it can pass through targets. However, it can effectively take down animals as large as white-tail deer if the shot is well placed and the bullet passes through vital organs like the heart, lungs, and liver.

For smaller animals like foxes, rabbits, and raccoons, the 223 ammo options available can make your firearm very versatile and an excellent varmint rifle. The caliber is also well suited to a survival rifle because there are lightweight rifle platforms and a few handguns that are small enough to carry in a hiking pack that uses this ammunition.

If you are considering 223 ammo for hunting, look for a bullet with a soft exposed tip that will spread out on impact with a target, and take some time to hone your skills on the range. Your shoot placement is critical with any 223 ammo, so the more comfortable you are with your rifle, the easier it will be to take an animal with a single shot that ensures a quick kill for humane hunting.