Selecting The Best 223 Ammo For Your Rifle And Situation

29 December 2022
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Ammunition for any rifle or handgun can significantly impact how the firearm performs, the accuracy of the gun, and the effectiveness of the firearm on specific targets. The caliber of the ammunition is essential, and 223 ammo is manufactured to specific guidelines that allow its use in many different firearms. 223 Ammo  The 223 Remington cartridge was originally developed in 1957 for use in Armalite's AR-15 rifle system and the US government. While the rifle is well known today, the platform was originally the base for the US military's M14 rifle. Read More 

What To Know About Getting A Gun And A Permit To Carry

1 August 2022
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If you're concerned about your safety or about protecting your family and property, you might be thinking of getting a gun and a permit to carry. The first step is to learn the requirements in your state for gun ownership and for getting a permit to carry. Regulations vary by state, and federal regulations apply as well. Here's what you need to know. You Should Verify You're Eligible Some things you might not think of can affect whether you can own a gun and get a carry permit. Read More 

Ensure That Your Kayak Bike Trailer Has These Attributes

27 April 2022
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If you enjoy kayaking and are also an avid cyclist, one smart purchase to make is a kayak bike trailer. Being able to pull your boat behind your bicycle will allow you to travel between your home and a local body of water without the use of a motor vehicle. When you shop at a retailer that specializes in bike accessories, you can expect to see a few different kayak bike trailers for sale. Read More