Attributes That Will Make an Electric Bike Safer to Ride at Night

13 July 2021
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While many people buy electric bikes to cruise around during daytime hours, you may be planning to frequently use this method of transportation after dark. Maybe you work at a job that has you commuting both ways in low-light situations, or perhaps you simply enjoy riding at night because the temperature is cooler and there are fewer people out. Whatever the case, you can have plenty of fun cruising on an electric bike at night, so long as you make safety a priority. When it comes to nighttime safety, visibility is critical. Here are some attributes that will heighten the visibility of your electric bike.

Bright Or Reflective Frame

Electric bike frames can vary significantly in color. Dark, matte finishes are a popular choice because of the sleek look that they offer, but this isn't a good option when the conditions in which you're riding are also dark. For nighttime riders, it's important to buy an electric bike that has a frame that is either a bright color or that has a reflective quality to it. A bright frame will be easier for drivers to spot you from a distance, while a reflective finish will sparkle under streetlights or when headlights aim toward it.

High-Lumen Lights

Most electric bikes have lights at each end of them, which will dramatically improve your visibility to some degree. It's important to realize, however, that not all lights are the same. When you're assessing a few bikes, determine the lumen rating of their lights. This term describes how bright the lights are. A bike that has higher-lumen front and rear lights will do more to make you visible in dark conditions.

Bright Screen

Electric bikes are equipped with screens that allow you to monitor several different things, including the speed at which you're traveling, how much battery life you have remaining, and more. When you look at several bikes, you'll notice a discrepancy in these screens. Some have a darker appearance, while others are brighter. If you're planning to ride after dark, it's a good idea to choose a bike that has a bright screen. Its presence will add an extra source of light that motorists should be able to see, just as it's easy to see a person's smartphone screen if they're using it at night. By choosing the right model of electric bike that meets each of these criteria, you can have a high sense of confidence about your visibility and your safety when you're riding at night.