Important Things To Pack For An Extended Fishing Trip

21 June 2016
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Are you in the process of trying to plan the best 4th of July party weekend ever? Do you like fishing and want to incorporate it into your plans? Fishing can be a fun and exciting activity, especially during a long holiday weekend. If you've never actually been on a long fishing trip before or it's been a long time since you went on one, here is a list of some essentials that you might want to consider bringing along:

Lightweight jacket: Even though July is the middle of summer, it can still get cool at night if you're going fishing up in the mountains. Packing only summer clothes can leave you shivering in the morning when you head out early for fishing. A good lightweight jacket or hoodie can be packed in among your bait and tackle so that it'll be available if and when you need it.

Extra bait and tackle: Although you may only be interested in catching one fish, you should think about bringing along gear that will catch whatever's currently in season. For example, if the bass aren't biting for some reason, would you rather go home empty handed or would you rather be able to land some catfish, carp or other permitted fish? If you pack only the bait and tackle needed to catch one kind of fish, you could be missing out on having at least some kind of fish for dinner. Contact a business, such as Wilcox Bait Tackle, for more information. 

Sunscreen: If you usually spend your time indoors, a weekend is a long time to spend under the sun. Make sure to pack a sunscreen with a high SPF so that you don't have to cut your trip short due to sunburn. If you're worried about the sunscreen coming off on your bait and tackle while you're fishing, preventing the fish from wanting to bite, check your local fishing or bait store for appropriate sunscreen instead of going to your local grocery store or drugstore.

Portable phone chargers: No matter where you're going fishing, make sure to bring along one or more portable phone chargers. Should your car battery die or should you otherwise become stranded or lost, you may still be able to call for help. Make sure that at least one of the chargers has a solar panel, so that it can be charged no matter where you're located. This solar charger can be tucked in among your bait and tackle, waiting to be used when needed.