3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For The Cyclist In Your Life

9 February 2016
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Do you need gift ideas for that cyclist in your life? Bicycle accessories can make a thoughtful and practical gift for someone who cycles for sport or transportation. You might consider anything from bike bags and baskets to bike computers. Here are a few practical yet fun gift ideas for the bicycle enthusiast on your gift-giving list:

1. A Bicycle Basket or Bag

There are various styles to choose from, including:

  • A bike basket: Bike baskets make nice gifts for a youth, as childhood designs are often available. Bike baskets are also versatile, as many will fit most bike sizes, as well as scooters.

  • A saddle bike bag: A saddle bag includes two attached bags that fit on either side of a bike rack or handlebars of the bike. This may be more practical than an ordinary basket, as it will hold twice as much, and the bags are securely closed with a zipper or Velcro. It's a practical gift for a student who rides his or her bike to school, as school books and supplies may be transported in the bag. Most include a removable shoulder strap. For safety, choose a saddle bag with a reflective color or flasher lights.

  • Bike messenger-style bag: This style of transport bag is different than the above mentioned designs, as it is not typically attached to the bike. While riding, the bike messenger bag is worn across the front or back of body, with the use of a shoulder and cross-body stabilization strap. Many have inside pockets for holding water bottles and cell phones, as well as notebooks and other accessories.

    Whatever style of bike bag you choose, look for one with loops to attach safety reflectors, as well as material that is waterproof.

2. Bicycle Handlebar Grips

Here's a thoughtful gift idea that will prevent stress, numbness and fatigue on the hands and wrists while bike riding for long periods of time. Look for handlebar grips that are shock-absorbing, especially for trail riding. Be sure the grips will fit either flat or raised handlebars.

3. Computerized Bike Monitor

Think of this as a mini computer (without the Internet) for bike riders. What does this gadget do? The bike computer, as it is often referred to, is commonly mounted to the handlebars, providing several functions. Primarily, it will measure distance traveled and keep track of the time traveled. Many will also measure speed. It's a considerate gift for those who ride their bikes for exercise workouts.

Shop for the above accessories at your favorite bicycle shop and give a gift that your cyclist friend or loved one will appreciate. Contact a business, such as Sarasota Cyclery Inc, for more information.