The 3 Variety Of Baseball Pins You Can Collect

8 October 2019
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Baseball is not just America's pastime; it is one of the greatest sports if you enjoy collecting. In addition to collecting baseball cards, you can also collect baseball pins. There are three different types of baseball trading pins that you can collect.  Soft Enamel  Soft enamel baseball trading pins are often considered to be the highest quality trading pins that you can purchase. Soft enamel baseball trading pins are created through a multiple-step process. First, the iron metal base is impressed with a hot die that is used to create the recessed areas on the pin and create the design for the pin. Read More 

How To Avoid Rookie Mistakes When Owning An AR-15

31 July 2018
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When you are assembling your AR-15, one of the last things you want to find out is that you made a mistake with the assembly and your AR-15 doesn't operate the way you intended it to or not at all.  Sight Your Rifle Always make sure to sight your rifle regardless of whether you use a 25-yard zero or a 50-yard zero. If your rifle is not properly sighted and you miss and hit a bystander while acting in self-defense, you may face liability issues. Read More 

It’s A Racket: Cool Games To Play With Your Badminton Rackets

2 August 2016
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Looking for a fun way to get the family together and up off the couch? Try badminton! Badminton is a fun, versatile sport that really only requires a badminton racket. Buy rackets for the whole family and enjoy many different games and variations on traditional badminton, any time of the year. Indoor badminton, anyone? Just because the weather is bad doesn't mean you can't play badminton. Try a fresh spin on this old game by trying your hand at balloon-badminton. Read More 

Important Things To Pack For An Extended Fishing Trip

21 June 2016
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Are you in the process of trying to plan the best 4th of July party weekend ever? Do you like fishing and want to incorporate it into your plans? Fishing can be a fun and exciting activity, especially during a long holiday weekend. If you've never actually been on a long fishing trip before or it's been a long time since you went on one, here is a list of some essentials that you might want to consider bringing along: Read More 

Small Business Tips For Motivating Employees

23 May 2016
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Small business owners don't always have the capital to give hard working employees raises or bonuses. Yet, the need and desire to retain valuable employees necessitates finding effective ways to motivate employees so they will stay with the company over the long term. Here are some small business tips for motivating employees without increasing salaries. 1. Acknowledge Workplace Achievements When goals are met, clients are won over, and new contracts are signed, acknowledge these workplace achievements. Read More