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Frequently Asked Questions

What is paintball?
Basically, paintball is an adult version of the kid's game "army" or "capture the flag".  It reminds you of a chess game, of the hunter and the hunted, and the fun of hide-and go seek.  In most versions, players are divided into two teams.  Armed with a marker that shoots a water-soluble paintball at a rate of approximately 280 feet per second, participants try to eliminate opposing team members by marking them with paint and/or capturing the flag before being eliminated themselves.  This paint is a mixture of nontoxic ingredients and food coloring that can be ingested without harm (although it tastes terrible).

Who plays paintball?
People of all ages, professions, and lifestyles.  It is a sport (unlike many) where beginners can play competitively with the most experienced players.  Age and gender has nothing to do with the skill of play and the fun of the game.  Though it is an active sport, it is easy to adapt your style of play to your level of athletic ability and physical fitness.  It may be interesting to note that in the last ten years, female participation has risen from 5% to 20%.  It is predicted that in another ten years, female participation will be very close to 50%.

How old do you have to be to play?
Most paintball fields require you to be at least 10 years old.  Most fields also require that anyone under 18 have written parental or guardian permission to play.

Is paintball safe?
Paintball has an excellent safety record worldwide.  Statistics compiled by the National Safety Council of USA, ranked paintball safer than golf, tennis, bowling and even fishing.  This of course when played on professionally supervised fields with trained referees and using specifically approved safety equipment.

Does it hurt?
The short answer: Sometimes!  Getting hit with a paintball is part of the game.  Fortunately the paintball breaks on impact dissipating most of the energy and causing only minor pain.  The pain is comparable to being snapped with a towel and goes away in a few seconds.  Loose fitting clothes helps to cushion the impact.  Generally, the thrill of the game overshadows the pain that might be felt so that even the most apprehensive and timid participants usually have a blast.

What kind of paintball field should I look for?
You should look for a field that is as organized as possible.  Make sure there are enough trained, mature referees.  The rule of thumb is one referee for every 12-15 players. Make sure the field is very concerned about safety.  Most commercial fields have safety as their number one priority.  Beware of the renegade fields that aren't fanatical about safety. Look for a facility that has food and drinks available and that has clean restroom facilities.  If you have a chance, visit the facility and check things out for yourself.  If the props and bunkers on the field look like they've been hauled in from the local garbage dump, or there is trash lying around everywhere and you wouldn't even think of using the restroom at the facility, use common sense and find another place to take your business.

What should I bring?
Sturdy footwear, preferably with good ankle support. Water. Paintball is a physical activity and dehydration is always a concern. (Water, soft drinks, and Gatorade are available in the pro-shop) Dark clothing or camouflage. A bandana is a good idea.  This will absorb perspiration but will not retain heat like a hat. Money for extra paintballs, food and drink.

Can I get the paint out of my clothes?
The paintball "fill" is water-soluble and should wash out as if it were dirt.

Can I bring paintballs I bought elsewhere?
Yes.  But let's be honest here.  We need the income from our paintball sales to pay our expenses.  If you do bring your own paintballs,  make sure that they are a quality paintball and not "seconds".  We would prefer that you allow us to provide you with good quality paintballs so that we can afford to provide you with the great facilities and service that we do desire.
There are a paintballs that are banned from Liberty Paintball.  Inertia, Monster Ball, Anarchy, VL-Paintballs, JT-Tactical, Freedom, Hemorrhage are banned.  Why? These brands leave a permanent oily and non-washable stain on all equipment, clothing, cars, and property that turns white then black in time. It will ruin your (and our) markers and goggles. Also, these brands sit in warehouse shelves so long they become VERY HARD and will not break on impact.  Until these brands comply with industry standards we don't want their balls around here.  We carry fresh, reasonably price paint at the field. 


Can I bring alcohol or other mind-altering substances?
No!!! Only the natural adrenaline stored in your body.

Do you do this for a living and support yourselves?
No.  The owners of Liberty Paintball have other careers as well,  to pay the mortgage and buy the groceries.  That doesn't mean we don't take our business seriously.  We do.  Mostly we have started this business to support our paintball habit and to provide the folks of North Alabama with a good wholesome Christian environment to have fun and a safe place to experience this exciting sport.